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Teaching Statement and Teaching Evaluations

Courses taught at The University of Arizona
Average Student Evaluation: 4.5/5.0

  • FIN 909, Master's in Finance Research Project, Graduate

    • Average Student Evaluation 4.4/5.0

    • Summer 2019, Summer 2020 (Online)

  • FIN 360L, Quantitative Financial Management, Undergraduate

    • Average Student Evaluation 4.7/5.0

    • Summer 2018, Fall 2018 (4 sections) , Spring 2020 (2 online sections), Fall 2020 (4 online sections), Spring 2021 (2 online sections)

  • FIN 301, Principals of Financial Management, Undergraduate

    • Average Student Evaluation 4.5/5.0

    • Summer 2021 (online)


Teaching Assistant The University of Arizona 

  • FIN 695A, Empirical Asset Pricing, Graduate

    • Spring 2018

  • Finance Preparation 1 & 2, Graduate

    • Summer 2019

  • Fin 360, Quantitative Financial Management, Undergraduate​

    • Fall 2018, Spring 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021​


Selected Student Feedback

What People Liked (typed as written):

  • Mr. Jones was truly one of the most understanding teachers I've ever had. He was down to earth with his students and made class feel very at ease with great amounts of learning. He will be a phenomenal doctorate professor

  • Instructor handled online format well and was always willing to work with students when problems occurred

  • Online experience was very smooth

  • I liked that he brought in examples of his excel work from previous careers and shared his experience with financial modeling. His walk through of practice exams and homework was very helpful because he explained how each function works in-depth and explained the math behind certain functions which helped better understand how to apply the concepts to other scenarios

  • I like that Scott solves the problems by writing them down and sharing his screen. This makes it easier to learn because it is similar to being in class.

  • Scott was always very enthusiastic and happy to help me understand the material

  • I felt very comfortable asking questions

Suggestions for improvement (typed as written):

  • The only suggestion I have would be a possible website where we could work on extra problems. While we had plentiful examples in our lecture and homework, I think a supplemental website where we could practice problems would benefit students greatly

  • Given the situation of the pandemic, I feel that Professor Jones went above and beyond for the students, so there's really no place where he could improve. I would say that maybe quizzes could be a little longer. That way we can cover more topics in the quizzes to see similar problems from different angles

  • Being online all day is challenging to continue to learn and do homework when it's always online. Maybe interaction between students would help this challenge

  • More interaction with the students wouldn't hurt, I know its really hard to do via zoom, but sometimes it felt like there was awkward silence

  • I wish this class would be longer than just 1 hour and more frequent instead of just once a week


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